ScaleUp (Jira App)

Implement SAFe with Jira with ease


Are you tired of assuming Epic as a Feature in Jira?

Yes, we are too. That’s why we developed ScaleUp.


Now you can implement SAFe with Jira Instantly.

Manage Backlog Hierarchy, Visualize Program Board and Organize teams

  • Manage Backlog Hierarchy
  • No more assuming Epic as a feature.
  • Build Hierarchy of backlog Epic->Feature->User story as SAFe practice.
  • Allocate Features, stories to team and PI/Sprints right from one view
  • Visualize Program board
  • Manage dependencies using auto generation of Program board right in Jira
  • Visualize features in Program Kanban board
  • Manage progress of features

Program Setup

PI Setup

Teams Setup and Summary

Coming Soon

  • Business Objectives Tracking
  • Risk ROAM and Tracking
  • Feature prioritization using WSJF
  • Portfolio management

Please contact us to discuss your needs further. Please either email us at scaleup@theagilemove.com or click button below.